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Let's Learn Math During Halloween!

Halloween is an excellent opportunity to introduce math measurement concepts such as length, weight, and volume. Here are some of the activities that were carried out at Razum International School to get students excited about Halloween and engaged in learning.

1. Hocus Pocus Potion – Volume activity

Students were asked to make a potion with a total volume of 600ml. There must be less than 100ml of each wacky liquid used, or there will be an explosion! This project combines addition and subtraction, critical thinking, and a hands-on approach to learning volumes, making it ideal for visual and kinesthetic learners alike.

Required materials:

  • Different coloured water using food colouring/glitter

  • Label each liquid with whimsical names, such as: frog’s saliva, unicorn tears, dragon’s blood etc.

2. Frankenstein Meter to Centimetre

What is the better way to learn Math than by combining technology? Students animate and narrate their Frankenstein drawings using the Chatterpix app. This was a quick and simple way to assess students' learning in an informal manner that they enjoyed! They had to measure Frankenstein's body parts and explain how he was measured and the various lengths and dimensions they utilised to make him as they described him.

3. Pumpkin mass measurement

It wouldn’t be a Halloween celebration if pumpkins were not present. Students had a lot of fun exploring their pumpkins and measuring its qualities (length, weight, and height). This project also encouraged students to engage in enquiry-based learning as they investigated various ways to measuring irregularly shaped objects.

4. Mummy measurement madness

"Do you think it would take that many squares of toilet paper to wrap yourself up like a mummy?" At Razum International School, we took a hands-on strategy to find out! We began by measuring a roll of toilet paper and estimating how many pieces would be required to wrap around various parts of our bodies. Students were given numerous tasks to complete, such as wrapping, counting, and recording. They took responsibility for ensuring that their Mummy was properly mummified. We were able to investigate a variety of Mathematical standards, including counting, estimating length, and estimating larger or smaller sizes.

Everything is a learning opportunity, and at Razum International School, we make learning fun by maximising our learning experiences and incorporating them into exciting celebrations.

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