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Our School

Razum International School is a boutique international primary school in Singapore that provides education for children 5 to 12 years old (Years 1-7). Founded in 2019, Razum aims to provide quality, affordable education in a nurturing environment that develops life-long learners with a passion for knowledge. Razum is a small community-based school, where we pride ourselves on being able to say:

“At Razum, you are a name, not a number.”

Individual Approach


Razum is a single-stream primary school with a maximum of 18 students per class. Our low teacher-student ratio allows students to benefit from individual attention, and gives teachers the capacity to adjust curriculum to offer personalized education.

Effective Curriculum


Our curriculum is based on Singapore English, Singapore Math, and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). We deliver enquiry-based learning which promotes curiosity and engagement.


Our four-hour school day sets us apart from other international schools. These shorter hours make learning more efficient and leave free time for exploration, enquiry and fun. Our main curriculum runs until 1pm, followed by optional extracurricular activities (ECAs) to 3pm. A four-hour academic day means we can deliver core content without interruption and at a child's best learning time. Children can use ECAs to develop skills in art, music, dance, drama, sports and much more – all of which are also instrumental in cognitive development.

International Community


Razum is a place of diversity that celebrates every culture. All students, parents and staff are treated as valued members of our learning community, and we are committed to maintaining a safe space that provides students with every opportunity to belong, grow, respect and be respected.

Creative Campus


Our cozy campus at Tanglin provides a perfect environment for students to enjoy their learning journey. Besides the spacious, naturally-lit classrooms conveniently located on one floor, the campus has a library, an arts and craft room, an outdoor playground and an indoor play space. These spaces allow our students to be involved in different types of activities during the day.

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