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RAZUM International School - Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter from Principal  

Dear Razum Family,


Welcome to Razum International School. Thank you for entrusting your child’s education and care to us. I believe working in education is a privilege and I feel fortunate to have it both as a career and a part of my everyday life. I was lucky enough to have many amazing teachers when I was at school and, as a result of seeing them teach and watching their creativity and enthusiasm, I knew from a very young age this was a challenge that I, too, wanted to undertake. Now being a part of a school's leadership, I have the opportunity to impact not only my class, but all students and support teachers in their educational journey as well.


I have a strong desire to develop student potential through hands-on, enquiry-based teaching and learning strategies. I am striving to create a school culture where children feel safe to share their ideas, that supports risk-taking and encourages children to have a go.


At Razum my role is to bring the Founders' vision and mission to life. I have implemented policies and procedures that support good teaching practices, that encourage enquiry-based learning and, most importantly, put the learning and development needs of the children at the centre of all decisions.


I feel privileged to be the Head of Primary at Razum International School and look forward to meeting you soon. 




Shannon de Winnaar

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