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Will my child be able to go to another international school, go back to our home country and go to the same grade, go to local system after primary?

Yes, our unique curriculum meets international standards. We are constantly assessing our students to ensure that they are meeting their educational milestones. 

How do your teachers provide a balanced and rigorous curriculum without specialists?

We believe that primary learning is best done within the nurturing community of a homeroom teacher. By utilising our unique curriculum and only hiring teachers who are experienced in primary school education, we have a team that will allow your child to thrive.  All aspects of our curriculum are carefully considered and organised so that learning is focused, balanced and integrated.

Your school day is so much shorter. What is missing? 

By tailoring the school day for a focused curriculum we have decluttered the schedule and made learning more intentional.  


Additional languages are taught as an optional ECA outside of the school day together with specialised sports and arts activities. 

Do you have school bus?

Yes. We are partnering with schoolber to provide bus services to our kids. Please, follow the link to find out more details  

Do you have school uniform?

Yes, we have designed a simple and comfortable t-shirt. Only natural materials are used for our uniform. 

How does Razum use technology within the classroom (iPads, laptops)?

We believe in the intentional and strategic use of technology to enhance learning. Students will have access to iPads; which will be used to complement learning and enhance student access to age appropriate learning engagements, content creation, reporting, assessment, research and skills practice. Our teachers are trained in ‘Google Classroom’ and utilise this tool to encourage collaborative and ensure the quality of learning. 

School finishes at 1pm and I am working parent. How do I occupy my child after 1pm?

Lunch is available from 1:00pm - 2:00pm. From 2:00pm to 4:00pm there is range of Extra Curricula Activities (ECA) available for parents and children to choose from. We are working closely with parents to curate a range of ECA’s that your child can attend after school. These will include languages, additional arts, music, drama, sports, coding, robotics and enrichment activities. There will be opportunities for offsite sports on demand.  

What languages are available in school? 

We are keeping our language classes small 4-10 students. We are providing any language that has at least 4 students willing to learn it. Please contact us if you have a request for any specific language. 

Languages are available as part of our ECA programs. These are available after 2:00pm at an additional cost. 

Do you have sports?

We have fitness as part of everyday routine. Specializes sports will be available as part of our ECA programs. These are available after 2:00pm at an additional cost and will be sourced as and when needed.