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English as a Second Language (ESL)

All Razum students have access to English as a Second Language (ESL) Support.


During the admission process parents shall indicate their child’s English proficiency in speaking, reading and writing. If the parent is not a native English speaker, Razum can facilitate the assessment process and assess the child’s English language proficiency before or after the admission process.


As with all Student Support initiatives, Razum will continually monitor and assess the student during their time at the school. If the school determines that the student requires ESL support, the parents will be notified. At the end of each term, assessment on speaking, listening, reading, phonics and writing will be done to determine the following term plans. 


Razum provides ESL Support at additional fee, which is invoiced with other tuition fees and subject to the same payment terms as tuition fees. Razum will give the parent three months’ notice if/when the school decides to either move the Student down a tier or off support. The new fee structure will apply with effect from the end of that three month period.

The following table indicates the support levels:

RAZUM International School - School Bus
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