Extracurricular Activities

Our main curriculum runs until 1pm, followed by optional extracurricular activities (ECAs) to 3pm. A four-hour academic day means we can deliver core content without interruption and at a child's best learning time. Children can use ECAs to develop skills in art, music, dance, drama, sports and much more – all of which are also instrumental in cognitive development.


Depending on number of students, groups can be arranged into lower and upper primary.

$25 per class / $200 for the 8 week term

Basic Photography

Students will learn basic photography skills, then use the tablets to take photos, edit and critique their work.

$25 per class / $200 for the 8 week term

Nutrition Kitchen

Students will learn to make a healthy treat each week e.g. fruit skewers, protein balls, fruit smoothies etc.

$15 per class / $120 for the 8 week term (includes ingredients)

Lego Land

Students use Lego to build and create structures involve reasoning and critical thinking skills.

$10 per session / $80 for the 8 week term

IMG-20200721-WA0032 (1).jpg
Science and Technology Class

Children will use tablets to learn basic coding by engaging in a variety of complex activities, such as puzzles and games.

$10 per class / $80 for the 8 week term


Fitness Fun 
$10 per session

Football with Sportify Kids
$20 per class

Basketball with Sportify Kids
$20 per class

Dance with The Dance Place
$40 - $50 per class

Swimming with Sport Lifestyle
Sport Lifestyle provides a bus to and from school, a staff member will accompany the children to the pool and back. Students will have time to change.
$30 per class

Daycare Center

Drama with Center Stage, $35 per class

Board Games

Students will have to opportunity to learn how to play board games, $10 per class

Foreign Languages

French, Mandarin, Hindi

Minimum of 4 students, Basic Level
Students must attend 2 lessons a week.
$35 - $45 per class

Kids Handwriting