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RAZUM International School - School Bus

School Bus

Razum International school has cooperated with Shanz Transportation & Services Pte. Ltd. (Bus Provider) to provide convenient and safe school bus arrangements for the school's students.


The school bus service is provided by bus providerwith Razum International School acting in a liaison role for necessary arrangements with the school bus provider on behalf of the parents.


Razum requires two weeks' notice for all new applications, change of address or service. Late submission may result in a delay in the commencement of the service.


  • All busses arrive at the school between 8.30-8.45am, pick up time from the house depends on the distance

  • Afternoon busses accommodate 2 pick up timings at 1.30pm* (after lunch) and at 3pm* (for children who stay for ECAs)
    *Please note a minimum of 2 students per pick-up time is required, and the afternoon commute time may be longer than the morning due to traffic

  • Razum uses maximum 12 seater busses to ensure maximum time in the bus is below 1hour for all children 

  • The provider communicates directly with the school on all logistics, planning, problems, etc.

  • Parents need to complete the Razum School Bus Service Agreement and transfer payment directly to Razum 2 weeks in advance


The price is per kilometer per month using this grid:

RAZUM International School - School Bus

Should you wish to use the approved school bus provider to bring your child to and from Razum International School, please complete this form.

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