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8 Fun School Holiday Activities

Every parent is left scratching their heads and wondering how to keep their child occupied in the school holidays. If you are one of them, Razum International School has come up with a list of activities that will keep your child entertained and also allow them to learn new skills.

1. Get in the kitchen and learn a new recipe – Children love helping out in the kitchen; this is a great life skill for them to develop. It feeds their love for exploring, gives them a sense of accomplishment and teaches them to follow instructions. At Razum we offer nutrition kitchen as an Extracurricular Activity (ECA) and recommend parents continue the child’s love of cooking at home.

2. A book week – Encourage your child to finish at least one new book every week during the holidays. Reading helps to develop concentration, improves comprehension skills and increases language vocabulary.

3. Play a board game – Board games are a great way to bond with the family, especially on a rainy day. Board games teach children to identify colours, numbers and count spaces. In addition, they develop children’s hand-eye coordination, and concentration levels and stimulate the brain. Razum also offers board games as an ECA. So why not have some family fun and play some board games at home.

4. Science at home – Science experiments can be fun and educational at the same time. Science experiments help children develop key life skills, including forming their own opinions based on observation. Try creating something easy as slime, lava lamps or snow.

5. Scavenger hunt – Scavenger hunts are easy to customise to your child’s abilities and interests. They allow children to practice problem-solving and can enhance their sensory development. Try creating indoor phonics scavenger hunts and outside nature hunts.

6. Write a journal – journals help your child process feelings, build writing skills and communicate their ideas. Start by having your child make the journal and use coloured paper, stickers and coloured pencils to jazz up the front covers.

7. Recycle – It is important to teach your child the benefits of recycling. Have your child visit a recycling bank to learn more and get them interested in recycling items found at home. You could even give them a recycling project to make their favourite game out of sustainable materials.

8. Reward system for household chores – To keep children occupied during the school holidays encourage them to help with household chores. Children learn the habit and must finish their duties so that they then can be rewarded. A fun reward system can be easily set up at home to ensure household tasks are completed.

Hopefully these easy, yet fun ideas will keep your little ones stay busy for hours!

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