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How Do Writing and STEAM go hand in hand at Razum?

Writing skill is one literacy skill that many educators emphasise. As Razum International School is an inquiry-based international school; creating a STEAM and writing lesson that can go hand in hand makes a literacy lesson in line with Razums vision of creating student-centered creative thinkers.

As part of their writing curriculum for Year 4 that includes procedure writing; the year fours had to write the procedures to build a marshmallow and spaghetti chair for a character to sit on.

We begin the class by watching a popular viral video on the instruction challenge. The kids in the video draft instructions for their parents to follow while making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The parents then take the instructions literally and many errors are made. The video demonstrates the need for accuracy in instruction.

Following that, the students are given spaghetti, marshmallows, and a minion figure. They were assigned the duty of creating a chair for their minion. The processes must be carefully recorded so that their peers may replicate the construction process. Written instructions and procedures are passed through groups and repeated by peers. The pupils do their best to recreate their friend's chair by strictly adhering to the directions provided.

Following this, there was a class discussion to analyse how the writing might be improved and the most challenging problem they had when preparing their instructions.

This activity helps students understand that procedural writing is a type of expository writing with the purpose of helping individuals accomplish something by following specific instructions.

Writing is an excellent means of communication. It bridges the gap between literacy and STEAM. It also creates a path for young writers to connect with concepts. Writing also improves verbal fluency, which is one of the key goals of educators. Incorporating writing into STEAM activities helps students deepen their comprehension and connect with their studies.

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