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Ketupat: Hari Raya Art & Craft

Razum International School is excited to step into celebrating Hari Raya! Students are gearing up to do many arts and crafts to celebrate this festival. Learning how to make a paper Ketupat is one of the crafts that students will be mastering. Let’s take a look at how this can be easily done! Inspired by Rachel Vassanthan.

What is a Ketupat? Ketupat is a traditional dish made from rice that is wrapped in young coconut palm leaves. It is woven in a diamond shape. Let’s see how we can replicate this at home, with paper!

Paper Ketupat Art

Materials needed:

  • Green coloured paper

  • Yellow coloured paper

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

Steps to create a paper Ketupat:

Step 1: Cut the green paper into a big square.

Step 2: Fold the green paper diagonally, and keep it folded for step 3.

Step 3: Cut slits on the paper diagonally, but do not cut all the way through. Leave about 2cm at both edges.

Step 4: Take the yellow paper and cut them into strips.

Step 5: Open the green paper up. Weave the yellow strips into the green paper. *Weaving means: take the yellow paper over, and under the green, alternating them. Repeat till the green paper is filled with woven yellow strips.

Step 6: Glue down the ends of the yellow strips to secure them.

Step 7: Take 2 yellow strips and attach it to the tip of the square green paper to finish off the Ketupat.

Step 8: Decorate the ketupat to your liking!

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