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Chloe Lister


Ms. Chloe has a Bachelor in Human and Child Psychology from Aston University, England. She is currently completing her Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Moreland University, USA.

Chloe has been working with children since 2008 in many different roles such as a counsellor and English teacher in the USA and Vietnam. She has been in Singapore since 2014 working as a teacher and reading specialist.

Chloe specialises in Reading, Literacy, speech and drama. Chloe was previously in a senior manager role where she is in charge of adapting materials to the children's needs and ability levels. She was also responsible for planning and presenting workshops for parents and teachers.

Chloe develops lessons that are committed to developing an innovative, creative and fun learning environment for children. In Chloe’s spare time she enjoys cooking, swimming, traveling and exploring new cultures to widen her perspective of the world.

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