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Winter Crafts that Match Winter Stories

We may not have snow in Singapore, but we certainly know how to engage our students at Razum International School. Here are some fantastic winter crafts that we have paired with outstanding read-along books.

Read Aloud - ‘Where Snowflakes Fall’ by Claire Freedman

Craft Idea: Paper snowflake


  • 8 Paper lunch bags

  • Glue gun

  • Scissors


  1. Glue together the eight lunch bags.

  2. The adhesive should be applied to the bags in the shape of a T.

  3. Continue until all of the bags have been stacked and sealed together with the unopened or sealed side.

  4. Using scissors, cut snowflake designs on the stacked bags.

  5. Unfold the paper bag using the open end; fan bags out to ensure that the bags separate and open correctly.

Read Aloud - ‘Sneezy the Snowman’ by Maureen Wright

Craft Idea: Melted Snowman Art


  • White shaving foam

  • White craft glue

  • Big paint brushes

  • Coloured paper

  • Coloured card paper


  1. Combine equal amounts of shaving foam and white glue.

  2. Make hats, buttons, twig arms, and carrot noses out of paper.

  3. Using a paintbrush, dollop a combination of glue and shaving foam onto a piece of card to create a melting snowman shape.

  4. Place snowman hats, buttons, twig arms, and carrot noses in the melted snowman form.

Read aloud - ‘The Snow Globe Family’ by Jane O'Connor

Craft Idea: Personalised snow globe


  • Clear small round plastic plates

  • Glue gun

  • Sea salt crystals

  • Personalised photo

  • Pictures of other winter decorations/animals

  • Thick card paper


  1. Spread salt crystals over cardstock paper (smaller crystals provide a better "snow" effect).

  2. Glue the photos/pictures onto the card paper.

  3. Glue any other winter decorations onto the card paper.

  4. Using the glue gun, attach the clear plate to the card stock, ensuring a tight seal; to keep the salt crystals in.

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