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Why Is It Important to Learn Different Languages?

The cognitive benefits of learning foreign languages are undeniable. Learning languages is fun and makes you a versatile individual. While learning languages, we also learn to appreciate different cultures and even discover new things about our mother tongues.

It is well-proven that people who speak several languages have improved memory, enhanced concentration, more developed critical-thinking skills, and ability to multitask. The advantages of learning languages can set children up for success in almost every aspect of their lives.

Another interesting advantage of learning a foreign language is that it helps a child better understand their native languages and cultures. Children can become more conscious of not only cultural customs, but of the grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation patterns of their first languages.

At Razum we offer languages such as French and Mandarin as an extracurricular activity (ECA). Being an international school with students from over 20 nationalities and cultures, we believe it is important to give the students a more comprehensive overview of the culture that they are currently immersed in, together with who we are as a school.

Seeing the world from a different perspective and understanding where you and others come from, is a wonderful experience that helps not only to understand others better, but also discover new things about yourself. At Razum, we value all advantages of our multicultural environment and try to nurture this feeling of appreciation in our students.

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