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What Children Can Learn From Cooking

Updated: May 1

Wouldn’t it be great if we got home from work and our children had cooked us dinner? Not just any dinner, but healthy dinner. For this to even have a slight chance of happening, we need to spend more time with them in the kitchen so our kids learn while cooking.

Singapore schools have even integrated cooking activities for kids due to the many benefits of cooking with kids. At Razum International School, Mrs Karolina Bloom introduced Healthy Cooking as an Extra Curriculum Activity (ECA). Healthy cooking started off with only a few students and now it has grown to one of our most popular ECAs.

What skills can children learn from cooking?

  • Making healthy snack alternatives. All children love snacking on sweets like cakes or biscuits, but cooking can teach children how to make healthy treats as an alternative to sugary treats.

  • Following instructions or directions.

  • Counting and measuring ingredients.

  • Exploring their senses and palate.

  • Gaining an appreciation for ingredients they may have never tried.

  • Learning a sense of achievement or accomplishment.

  • Understanding safety in the kitchen by knowing how to properly handle sharp tools or hot items.

Those are just some of the lessons kids learn from cooking. There are many opportunities for teachable moments when cooking with your children. Ultimately, learning through cooking can be a fun way to instil healthy eating habits in your children.

For more information on how nutrition impacts children, you can click here:

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can start cooking with your child today using these recipes:

Energy Balls:

Avocado Brownies:

High Protein Bread:

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