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Trendy Pop Its and Learning English and Math

Can your child learn English and Math by playing Pop Its? At Razum we say YES!

Every so often the world has a toy craze, bottle flipping, and fidget spinners are 2 of the most recent, now it is Pop Its. A Pop It is a fidget toy that is bright in colour and comes in many different shapes. It is made of silicone, and it has pokable bubbles that can be poked from both sides and therefore can be used over and over again. This big difference between this craze to previous ones it can be used for learning in so many different ways.

At Razum International School the lower primary children use Pop Its in English and Maths.

We have Pop Its that make up a hundred squares, by writing the numbers from 1 to 100 with a permanent marker on each bubble you can use them for so many math lessons:

  • Number identification

  • Number consolidation e.g., difference between -teens and -tys (17 and 70)

  • Identifying the number before and the number after or ten before or ten after

  • Addition – counting forwards

  • Subtraction – counting backwards

  • Skip counting

We have Pop Its 2 player game boards. The children sit on either side of the Pop It with dice, the dice would depend on their ability, it could be 1 6 sided dice or more than 1 dice or dice with more than 6 sides. The children take turns to roll the dice and add them together and then push in the correct number of bubbles, the first child to have all the bubbles pushed down wins.

We have Pop Its with the letters of the alphabet on them, you can use these for:

  • Initial sound identification

  • CVC, CVCC, CCVC word making

There are so many positives to using Pop Its for learning. For children who sensory seek it is great for them to have something to touch and press to help them learn. It is hands-on, highly engaging, super enjoyable and fun.

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