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How We Use STE(A)M for IPC History-Rich Topics

They Made a Difference” is one of the history-rich topics for International Primary Curriculum (IPC).

During the Entry Point, students were greeted with photographs of notable people and were asked to determine whether the person was significant or famous. Following that, we discussed how exactly these people have altered events in the world history.

There were numerous notable people we could learn about. Here at Razum we divided these people into three categories:

  1. Notable people in transportation

  2. Nobel laureates

  3. Well-known artists

As teachers we ask how we can help children learn and retain the knowledge we want them to understand, whilst having fun?

The answer lies in the fundamentals of STE(A)M Science, Technology, Engineer, Arts and Math’s teaching. This style of lessons connect topics with problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Below are 2 activities that the students of Razum carried out, as part of their IPC lessons.

  1. Amelia Earhart's aircraft

Amelia Earhart was a well-known female aviator who successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

The children made an aircraft out of pegs and ice cream sticks. The pegs were clipped onto notes to Amelia, about where the students would like to travel.


  • clothes peg

  • small ice cream stick

  • glue gun

Procedure: Glue two small popsicle sticks onto the top and bottom of the clothes peg

to make the plane’s wings.

2. Neil Armstrong's rocket

The first person to set foot on the moon. The children had a fantastic time designing and flying their own mini rockets using straws.


  • large straw

  • small straw

  • tape

  • picture of a rocket


  1. Cut the big straw to fit the length of the rocket.

  2. Tape one end shut so it’s completely sealed.

  3. Attach it to your rocket with tape.

  4. Slip the small straw into the large straw.

  5. Give your small straw a puff of air and you are ready to launch!

The arts, mathematics and the utilization of learning through problem-solving hold the key to allowing history topics to become more inquiry led as they bring history to life!

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