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Halloween is a Great Time for Art and Craft

At Razum International School we engage students into fun learning activities and believe that some of them can be played at home. Check out our art and craft activity suggestions and try it out with your kids!

1. X Ray Skelton Hand

Students trace their hands, then add see-through bones to their picture, making their own X-ray skeleton hand.

Required materials:

  • Coloured construction paper

  • black crayon

  • Vegetable oil

  • A small bowl

  • Q-tip


  1. Trace hands with black crayon.

  2. Dab oil onto bones in traced picture using Qtip

  3. Put picture against sunlight

2. Witches and Brooms

Required Materials:

  • Orange, black and white paper

  • Black pen

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick

  • Lolli stick

  • Stick

  • Newspaper

  • Orange Ribbon


  1. Get a stick from outside

  2. Get some brown paper and wrap it around the end of the stick

  3. Use orange ribbon to wrap around the brown paper

  4. Cur the brown paper from the tip slightly to make brushes

3. Slime Sensory Bin


  1. Fill a container with slime

  2. Hide googly eyes in the slime

  3. Use tweezers to pick out the eyes (the winner is the one who found the most eyes)



  • Tapioca flour

  • Water

  • Food Colouring


Mix equal parts tapioca flour and water with several drops of food colouring. E.g., 1 cup of tapioca flour with 1 cup of water. Stir it until it is evenly mixed and then heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir it up and then microwave again for 30 seconds.

4. Sand Sensory Bin


  1. Fill a big contained with sand

  2. Hide the skeleton bones inside the sand

  3. Use a brush to brush the sand away to find the bones

  4. Once found all the bones make the skeleton

5. Water beads Sensory Bin


  1. Fill a container with water beads

  2. Hide plastic Halloween objects inside e.g. spiders, bats, bones

  3. Use net to fish for the Halloween objects (the objects have different points on them)

  4. Add your points up at the end to see who is the winner

6. Witch Hat

Top of Hat

  • On A3 black paper – portrait view, draw half an oval from left bottom corner to right bottom corner

  • Cut it out and form a cone shape

  • Staple in place

  • At the bottom of the cone, in the middle, snip 1cm. Do the same on the left and right side, then fold up**

Rim of Hat

  • Draw a large circle on black paper

  • Draw an inner, smaller circle inside the large circle (there should be around 3cm distance between the two circles)

  • Fold the big circle in half, but only cut out around the smaller, inner circle

  • Place the rim around the cone of the hat. The edges of the cone you have snipped and folded up should be glued to the base of the rim (underneath the rim).

Hat Buckle

  • Cut a rectangle piece of purple paper (3cm wide, 2cm long)

  • Fold in half

  • Cut out a square in the center. Open up, you should have a rectangle shape missing

  • Stick at the front of your hat, in the center

Halloween Masks

  • Print out Halloween mask

  • Laminate

  • Cut around mask

  • Cut out eyes

  • Hole-punch sides

  • Tie a piece of string to each hole.

  • Use string to tie mask around head

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