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Celebrating World Book Day and Earth Day at Razum!

At Razum today we celebrated World Book Day and Earth Day. The children dressed up in their favourite book characters. We started off joining together and sharing who we had dressed up as, we had princesses, superheroes, Harry Potter characters and much more. We then mixed up and went to different teachers to look at books relating to the Earth.

Earth Hands

Our hands have the power to save the planet. The students traced their hands on paper and stuck a 3D water droplet in the middle of the hand, to represent the power they hold. On the hand-traced paper, they wrote how they intend on saving water, to save the planet.


After learning about Earth Day and focusing on why we must protect the ocean from pollution. The students were tasked to create an Earth Day headband. They decorated it with things they can do to help protect the planet such as planting, recycling and reusing items.

Renewable Energy

We discussed how renewable electricity can help save the Earth. We read the book: The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind. The story of William Kamkwamba who grew up in a small village in Malawi that did not have electricity. He taught himself how to build a windmill and create electricity, the natural way. The students made a windmill that looked similar to the story.

The Lorax After explaining to the children how not littering helps to conserve the environment. We read The Lorax, which provides practical strategies for kids to decrease waste, such as bringing their own lunch, donating old clothes and toys, sharing magazines with friends, and recycling cans and bottles. Each student received a Lorax template. They were given the task of reviewing and coloring the Lorax example. The Lorax portions were then cut out and assembled.

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