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Build a Colourful Dragon for Chinese New Year

At Razum International School, we are getting ready for Chinese New Year. Students will be creating colourful dragons….

To build a dragon, you will need:

  1. 2 popsicles sticks

  2. red and yellow feathers

  3. 2 different colours of coloured paper

  4. dragon face template (you can search online to find these)

  5. Tape


Step 1: Colour in the dragon face and cut it out.

Step 2: Add feathers to the tail and face of the dragon.

Step 3: Make a paper spring and cut out two strips of different coloured paper.

Step 4: Overlap the ends of the coloured paper at a right angle and tape into position.

Step 5: Fold the bottom strip of paper over the top one. Continue this pattern of always folding the lower strip of paper over the top strip and tape into position.

Step 6: Stick both sides of the paper spring onto a popsicle stick. On one popsicle stick add the head and the other popsicle stick add the tail.

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