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Benefits of Playing Board Games

Time to reduce screen time and pull out some of your favourite board games!

Board games are a fun and interactive way of spending time with your family and helping your little ones develop critical 21st-century skills. What are the 21st-century skills? These are simple skills we need to thrive in today's world, and board games are an effective tool to develop and promote those skills:

  1. Collaboration

  2. Communication

  3. Critical thinking

  4. Perseverance

Teaching your children how to play games will help them understand how others think, it will create healthy competition, build patience, work on emotional regulation, teach children about failure and help them make independent decisions.

There are many free creative board games you can download online to play at home. Some of the favourites are Snakes and Ladders, Bingo, and Guess Who.

Playing reminds us that instead of losing, we have an opportunity to learn.

Play more!

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