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Affordable High Quality Education

We are committed to provide premium education at a reasonable price. 

Our tuition fee is $14,900 per year
Flexibility for Students 

Our core curriculum runs from 8.45am to 1pm.

After 1pm our students have the option to pick up languages and extra curricular activities for individual student development.

Tailored Education 

Our class sizes are limited to 12-18 participants to allow students to benefit from individual attention and to allow the teacher to adjust curriculum according to student's unique needs and learning style. 

World Class Curriculum 

Our unique curriculum features the globally recognised Singapore Math and English. We believe using this curriculum gives our students a great foundation for these two core subjects. 

Curiosity is the engine of achievement

Ken Robinson

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Razum International School Pte. Ltd. 

1 Kay Siang Rd #05-01/02 Singapore 248922

CPE Registration No. 201833962E

Period of license registration:

21 September 2020 to 20 September 2022

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